City of Evans Website
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City of Evans Website.

Coldfusion City Services site.

Project Responsibilities: New hosting setup and site transfer, updates, database migration, and maintenance.

Unique Aspects: Needed to learn and troubleshoot a Coldfusion database driven site with a custom content management system that was inherited from another developer. Also had to move the site to another host, while maintaining site integrity and develop a plan to transition the site from the unstable Microsoft Access database to a more stable and robust SQL database.

Project Summary: The City of Evans, Colorado, was unhappy with the level of service provided by the original developer of their website and the costs of their web hosting. The City retained Skram Consulting to procure new hosting, move the site to the new host, and take over the maintenance of the site. By finding a more affordable host for their sites and performing only absolutely necessary updates, we were able to substantially reduce the City's website related spending. As the site has become more popular among City employees and residents, the volume of traffic has increased, rendering the current Microsoft Access database inadequate. Skram Consulting is currently in the process of developing a plan to migrate to the site to a more stable and robust database.
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